• 10 Changes to make TODAY!

    10 Changes to make TODAY!

    Need a JUMP START? Your static workout routine may not be as exciting or enticing as it used to be or maybe you’ve just plateaued in your fitness goals. These ten changes can jump start your drive and push you back on track.

    1. Planks for crunches. Crunches may not be the secret to six-pack abs. Give planks a try instead to work that whole core. Extra points for holding it for a minute straight!
    2. Homemade post-workout snack for a protein bar. Bring a PB&J or another post-workout snack to the gym rather than buying a protein bar. We need some after-exercise fuel, but don’t get it in the form of excess sugar!
    3. Active date for dinner and a movie. Save a night at that French restaurant for retirement and go on a fun, active winter date with a special someone. Sledding can be just as intimate as duck confit, and it sneaks in a hill-climbing workout, too.
    4. Red wine or beer for a margarita. Wanna’ stay healthy at the bar? Ask for a glass of red wine or a beer on tap over a sugary-filled margarita. About half those calories will disappear!
    5. Meditation for comfort food. When stress strikes, don’t grab a tub of ice cream for comfort. Try dimming the lights and meditating for as little as five minutes— it’s totally calming.
    6. Chopsticks for forks. Slow down and eat that Pad Thai with some chopsticks. It may be a challenge, but it’ll stop us from speed-slurping those noodles with a fork.
    7. Exercise ball for office chair. Some people really don’t want to stand at their cubicle. So stay seated, but on a Swiss ball. It can help with balance and that six-pack.
    8. Whole fruit for fruit juice. A glass of O.J.’s missing the pulp, skin, and full fiber content of an orange. Skip the glass and go with the whole piece of fruit to reap the benefits of this sweet, healthy snack.
    9. Clean workspace for clutter. Take some time to put away the laundry and organize the paper-piled desk. Having a clean space may make us more organized and eager to tackle the day.
    10. Interval workout for relaxed run. Try a 20-minute interval run that involves lots of sprinting with some walking recovery.

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