GET YOUR TEAM TOGETHER AND PREPARE FOR THE TOTAL FX FITNESS 6TH ANNUAL TEAM CHARITY CHALLENGE, a community-based fundraising event.  Register now – time slots are filling up fast!  Registrations close on Friday, November 15th.

    CHALLENGE FORMAT: This event is structured as a timed station event. Each station will consist of a different exercise. Teams are expected to strategize their approach to successfully complete each exercise station. A judge will be assigned to every team, who will ensure correct completion of each round. Each exercise must be completed to its full requirement. Judge’s whistle will start the challenge and the clock.

    DURATION: Each team challenge will run every 45 minutes, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

    TEAMS: Categories are; (a) 2 men/2 women, (b) 4 women, or (c) 4 men. Each team member must be 18 years of age and older.  This event is open to all. Each team must be comprised of 4 participants over age of 18.

    OBJECTIVE: To complete the challenge with the best finish time.

    (a) $100.00 per team ($25.00 per participant) due, in full, no later than Friday, Nov. 15th. Registrations and payments accepted at Total FX Fitness. Cash & cheques (payable to The Children’s Fund) are accepted. All proceeds will go the AM900 CHML Children’s Fund  Note: this is a non-refundable payment.
    (b) Registration forms are available at Total FX Fitness. Once you have registered your team, with full payment, you will select an available time slot. Sign up early to secure your spot – time slots are filling up fast!  Registration dead-line is Friday, November 15th.

    This is a fun event for the purpose of raising funds for a charitable organization. Each participant is asked to bring their sportsmanship, encouragement and have a great time.

    Spectators are welcomed.

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