• 4th Annual Christmas Team Charity Challenge

    4th Annual Christmas Team Charity Challenge

    On Saturday December 2nd , 2017,  Total FX Fitness will be running their fourth annual Christmas Team Challenge, a community-based fundraising event. 


    All money raised from this event will benefit the AM900 CHML Children’s Fund.


    Now is the time to start preparing for this team challenge fundraiser.


    Registration is now open!  2017 Team Registration form



    The Total FX Fitness Christmas Team Challenge is structured as a station event.  Each station will consist of a different exercise.  Teams are expected to strategize their approach to successfully complete each exercise station.  A judge will be assigned to every team, who will ensure correct completion of each round.



    Each team challenge will run every 45 minutes, beginning at 9:00 a.m.



    Team categories are; (a) 2 men/2 women; (b) four women; or (c) four men.  Each team member must be 18 years of age and older.  Teams may consist of anyone – friends, relatives, co-workers.



    To complete the challenge with the best finish time.  Each team category will be honoured with this accomplishment.



    • The cost of each Team is $100.00, which is due, in full, no later than Friday, November 24th . Registrations and payments are only accepted at Total FX Fitness. Cash and cheques (payable to The Children’s Fund) are accepted.  All proceeds for this year’s challenge will go to the AM900 CHML Children’s Fund.
    • To participate you need to register a team of four with a Team name, the names of your team’s participants with email. Registration forms are available at Total FX Fitness gym.
    • Once you have registered your team; you will select an available time slot – First come, first served, so sign-up early to secure your spot! Deadline for Team registrations and full non-refundable payment of $100.00 is Friday, November 24th
    • If full team payment has not been received by deadline (Nov. 24th ), your selected time slot will be forfeited.



    Cash and cheque donations are accepted. Please include your name and address if you would like to receive a tax receipt (only available for donations over $20.00).  All donations are due on day of the event (Saturday, December 2nd  ).  Cheques to be written out to, “The Children’s Fund”.



    9:00 a.m. – 10 minute warm-up

    9:10 a.m. – Judge explains each exercise and requirement for a qualified count.

    9:15 a.m. – Each team proceeds to their holding zone.  Whistle starts the challenge and the clock.

    • One team member will perform the required station’s exercise while the other team members wait in the holding zone. Once the performing team member is ready for rest, he/she must “tag” another member of their team in the holding zone before that team member can continue with the exercise.  Teams must complete the station’s exercise requirements before proceeding to the next station.
    • When the final station’s exercise is completed, per its requirements, the judge will stop the clock.
    • Each Team’s time will be recorded on the white board, under their category.



    • All participants must have a Par-Q on file at Total FX Fitness gym.
    • All Teams must submit their team name and team participants no later than Friday, November 24th
    • Full non-refundable payment of $100.00 per Team is required upon registration.
    • Registration and full payment must be received no later than Friday, November 24th .
    • All donations must be submitted by end of challenge event (December 2nd)
    • Each Team must be comprised of four participants, over the age of 18.
    • Each Team must have (a) 2 men & 2 women; (b) 4 women; or (c) 4 men.
    • Judge whistle will start the challenge and the clock.
    • The clock will continue to run until the finish of the challenge requirements. The clock will not be stopped for any reason during the challenge.
    • Each exercise must be completed to its full requirement before it can be counted. The judge’s decision will not be challenged, argued, nor disputed.

    This is a fun event for the purpose of raising funds for a charitable organization.  All participants are asked to bring their sportsmanship, encouragement and have a great time.


    Thank you to our generous Sponsors! 


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