• January JumpStart Challenge

    January JumpStart Challenge

    The most important investment you can make is in yourself – when we take care of our “temple” aka the only place we have to live in, we become far better equipped to face life’s challenges, move in the direction of our  dreams and attract abundance into our lives. Getting fit & healthy will literally transform your

  • Live Better 30 Day Challenge

    Live Better 30 Day Challenge

    This is a 30 day challenge to revitalize your health and energy levels with an all-encompassing program. Perfect for anyone looking to improve strength and conditioning, achieve greater mental clarity and focus, lose weight, build muscle, and join an amazing community of health-centred individuals! See for yourself why Total FX Fitness was the winner of

  • 10 Tips: Strength Training for Women over 40

    10 Tips: Strength Training for Women over 40

    10 strength training tips for women over 40 and nutrition and lifestyle considerations for stages of menopause. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010, over 41% of the U.S. female population was 45 years of age or older. But flip through a women’s fitness magazine or scroll through fitness-related articles and you’d think it’s

  • 5 Fast & Easy Ways to Ease SORE Muscles

    5 Fast & Easy Ways to Ease SORE Muscles

    5 proven (and scientific) ways to help you recover from your workouts. What Causes Sore Muscles? Muscle soreness, in a nutshell, occurs due to “microtrauma” of the muscle fibers and connective tissues. It’s a completely natural result of the breaking down of muscle that occurs during weight lifting or strenuous training. These tiny tears cause