• Don’t take our word for it…

    Don’t take our word for it…

    This April 1st we celebrated our 5th Anniversary and our members told us what Total FX Fitness has meant to them:

    P1020653Laura B.-  I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Congrats on such an accomplishment and happy 5 yrs Total FX Fitness! Thanks for training me and for all you have helped me accomplish. We may swear, we may complain, we may not always want to do it, but we keep coming back, and that shows just how great you are! Thanks for always putting up with me

    Katie M.-  I remember walking in one day one absolutely terrified, and now, there is no other place I’d rather spend my time! TFX is a home away from home for me, and somewhere I look forward to going to each day. Thank you for all you have done for me over the years – my life is so much more because of it!

    Lorrie C. – Congrats to you Steph and all your trainers at Total FX Fitness! I also have to thank Shelley for introducing me to you and your facility just a mere 18 months ago. I absolutely love everything about being a member here. It’s not just about our fitness, it’s also about all the positivity, good people with common goals, and the sense of accomplishment and belonging. No place else I’d rather spend my leisure time! All the best!!

    tobiFX-8721Dave F. Congrats Total FX Fitness on 5 years! It was threes years ago this week I joined Total FX , on that day you put me through testing to see what kind of condition I was in . I thought I was pretty fit. We were 12 minutes into it and I had to give up, totally wiped. Now , I have shaved off 4 minutes and come in around 7 1/2-8 minutes, with enough in the tank to keep going. Thanks to you and all the trainers for your motivation.

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    Jackie B. – I love the fact that you push me to a point where I sometimes don’t think I can make…and then…..I DO ! and that feels amazing !! Its not easy, but damn it does feel good. Love being a part of this fit community, everyone is always supportive, whether it is fitness related or on a personal level..it is just great to be a part of. Congrats Steph and everyone at Total FX!

    Leslie F. – Happy anniversary Total FX! I love that even the days that I feel like I’m not going to make it through the workout (last night) we are always being encouraged by the trainers to push12145471765_8f9cab75d5_o through & get one or two more reps in. The people I work out with are my gym family. I might only know some of them from the gym but for that hour we are great friends helping one another, laughing, crying, sweating, swearing but getting it done over and over again. Thanks StephanieTanyaJenniferIvana, Debbie, & Paul for making it such a great experience!

    tobiFX-8603Ashley M. – You couldn’t have said it any better Steph. You have a gym but created a community. I remember first walking into total fx fitness almost 2 years ago, scared because I did it alone. As I stood on the turf, timid, one by one friendly faces came to me to introduce themselves and welcome me. I knew then and there this was the gym for me. No matter how tough life got, or how many time I may have attempted to ” take a break from coming”, it was only a few days I’d find myself back because….IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD, and being strong and healthy trumps all. Thank you all the trainers and members for creating my escape with benefits! Bobby and I plan to live a long healthy life together ….thanks to you xox

    Watch our video testimonials in our GALLERY!

    Deanne W. – When choosing a gym, its easy for one to represent their favourite as a “5 Star” to encourage others to come and join.
    I have been an active person my entire life, a “Tom Boy” at heart with a love for sports and anything that got me moving. After the birth of my children I struggled to lose weight. I attended local gyms, group fitness classes and in house gym boot camps for years…over 10(post children). I was successful at times in losing 20 lbs here, 5 to 10 lbs there, usually gaining some back taking an all too common discouraging ride on the weight fluctuation roller coaster.P1010968 I have been a member of pretty much every big name gym in the city, In fact I still belong to two of them. I joined Total FX on a trial membership bought for me as a gift over 4 years ago. I have never left. Total FX offered so much more than a grueling butt kicking workout. It offered complete support and a comfortable atmosphere with very knowledgeable trainers in a family oriented setting. Filled with an abundance of encouragement from great members I found the drive to push past the limits every workout becoming stronger everyday. (Can you believe after over 10 years of gyms I still didn’t have the strength to do a standard push up properly), Sure I lost some weight but I wasn’t healthy and strong. Total FX showed me how to reach those levels, working at times through injuries safely, strengthening weak areas and proving to myself there really isn’t anything I can not accomplish. The support from this gym extends beyond the mats. Members and trainers often participate in community fundraisers and events for support, for fitness and for fun. What you get here is beyond weight loss. You can expect to feel like you’re home, surrounded by friendly caring and supportive people, lead by educated trainers whose passion exceeds their knowledge, support in setting goals and exceeding them beyond your expectations. You will build strength and the ability to achieve what you couldn’t yesterday.

    Vickie M. — From my very first workout I knew I had found my gym. Stephanie, Paul and the other trainers are amazing and the atmosphere is one of true support and encouragement. Having the nutritional guidance from Ivana is just the icing on the cake! A full service gym that I recommend to everyone!


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