• Nutrition & Wellness

    Nutrition & Wellness

    We are happy to offer pop-up wellness workshops, nutrition planning and assessment sessions with a Holistic Nutritionist.

    Total FX Wellness approach:

    • Natural Nutrition: Teaching about the importance of whole, live, natural food to creating health and vitality.
    • Improving digestion: Poor digestion is the root cause of most health challenges.
    • Root cause: Discovering the real reason for your weight gain/loss, sleep disturbances, low energy, skin issues, or hormonal problems and support the system with the help of whole foods and supplements suggestions to bring about better health and body composition.
    • Empower through education: Educate on the long-term impact and implications of on-going stress, refined food, unnatural additives, colouring, preservatives, pesticides, antibiotics, environmental pollution, metal toxicity, allergies and food sensitivities and more.

    Topics include: Hormones and Weight Loss,  Post & Pre Workout Nutrition, Supplements & Vitamins, Meal Planning & more