• Is Total FX Fitness Right for you?

    Is Total FX Fitness Right for you?

    We get told by a lot of people, “I could NEVER do what you guys do at Total FX Fitness!” When they see the pictures and videos of workouts or they see what the workout on the whiteboard is online, it can be intimidating. What they don’t see is how we work with everyone who wants be here.

    556641_308619182563294_552847417_n At Total FX Fitness we have the ability to scale each workout as needed for individuals. Sometimes it’s as simple as reducing the amount of weight. For other workouts, we change the amount of time or number of rounds. We can even further modify the actual movements based on ability and/or injury.

    So, when we post workout take a picture of the whiteboard, it’s the hardest version. Some do it as written, but more often than not, we make changes based on individual needs. All the while with the goal to get to where one can do the workout as written or as prescribed.

    The beauty of this scalability is that we can have athletes who have been here for years right next to brand new members who just started yesterday. Are the workouts hard? Sure, but when we talk about intensity, it’s all relative. It’s more intense than what you’re doing now, but in a few weeks you’ll be able to push even harder! That’s when the magic happens!


    Total FX is a good fit for someone who meets the following description:

    • Wants to get in shape but doesn’t enjoy going to a typical gym
    • Has tried machines, group classes, and quick-fix programs and is unimpressed with the results
    • Has lost interest or has stopped seeing results in their current fitness program.
    • Is busy and thinks they don’t have enough time to exercise
    • Is looking to get faster and stronger in their sport
    • Feels unsure about what to do when at the gym
    • Would like the knowledge, motivation, and attention of a personal coach in a community-oriented training environment
    • Likes a challenge and enjoys being tested mentally and physically
    • Is bored with their current workout and would like to try something fun and different


    If so, Total FX Fitness is right for you!

    Why don’t you do yourself a HUGE favor and contact us to schedule your SWEAT PASS today. You won’t regret it! Get ready to have FUN getting FIT!


    How can you win a 2 week unlimited membership? EASY! share this post from our Facebook page and post a comment here. On April 20th, 2015 we will make a random draw of 5 non-members for an Unlimited 2 week Membership to Total FX Fitness.

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