• March towards TEAM Accountability

    March towards TEAM Accountability

    We know that working out can sometimes be tough to do and tough to stick to. But while you may want to put a repetitive snooze button on going to the gym, getting regular exercise is all about learning the art of accountability. Workout accountability gives you added incentive to stay committed to an exercise program. You don’t need a drill sergeant threatening you with extra push-ups to get the job done. It’s about changing your mindset from exercise being a means to an end to each and every workout being something that will change your life for the better. Having a support system of friends who have similar goals and exercise interests turns workouts into a more social activity. Total FX Fitness strives to provide a community-centered environment where-while everyone has individual goals, everyone keeps each other accountable and excited to come back for more!

    This 4 week program will focus on ACCOUNTABILITY with a team of 4 people.

    • Attendance Challenge
    • Weekly Reps or Time Challenge
    • EVERY Friday Workout Challenge

    At the end of each week the team will tally up their scores for a Team Total!


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