• Sleep Stealing Foods

    Sleep Stealing Foods

    Sleep is a vital part of any fat-loss plan.

    If you are having trouble sleeping, one of the things you might want to consider are the foods you are eating, there are a couple culprits out there that love to interfere with out sleep. There are a number of ingredients or amino acids in various foods that we may not even realize…so let’s take a look at the line up of some of the worst.


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    Caffeine- The Usual Suspect

    Caffeine is in a lot of different things – perhaps even more things than we realize. There are obvious ones like, coffee, some teas, soft drinks and more. Some people are affected differently by caffeine, I for one can’t drink coffee after noon, or my night will be affected, I only drink it early in the morning if necessary for an extra boost.

    Many people have managed to solve their nervousness, anxiety and sleep issues by removing coffee from their the daily intake.


    Sleep stealing Foods Total FX Fitness Hamilton ON


    Cheeses, especially those that are aged contain a higher than normal level of tyramine which can have stimulating effect, as well as a high amount of vitamin B6. Cheese has a history of causing some nasty nightmares so its probably a good idea to avoid cheese before bedtime – especially the smellier ones like blue cheese.


    The Processed Meat Mystery

    Processed meats are culprits on many levels and in general should be avoided, but they contain high levels of tyramine as well and from the notes about cheeses we know this amino acid is not sleep friendly. So for your health and for a good night’s sleep try to avoid processed meats.


    Sleep stealing Foods Total FX Fitness Hamilton ON


    Rich dark chocolate can be a surprisingly healthy food for many reasons and some people even eat it thinking it will relax them, but the truth is that it contains a number of potent stimulants. Avoid chocolate before bedtime.


    Sleep stealing Foods Total FX Fitness Hamilton ON

    The Villainous Night Cap – Alcohol

    Alcohol can relax us and make us sleepy, and has often been used as a night cap, but the truth is it ruins our sleep. The relaxation and easy sleep that sometimes come from having a wee nip before the sack can actually affect our sleep negatively by waking us up in the middle of the night or early morning with a hangover, or without. The quality of sleep we get after alcohol is just not good sleep.

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