STRONG SEPTEMBER is for everyone who has fallen off track during the summer months!! Face it, we all fall of track – what with trips, kids out of school, and just lots of events and things to do – and that’s ok!

    Your opportunity to get Mentally and Physically Strong will be during September!

    “Your Goal” will be 30 days of workouts (Sunday workouts will be posted on our Members Only Group page, for your personal outdoor workout or use this day as your rest & recovery day)
    There will be weekly nutritional goals for you to follow, to help you get back on track nutritionally.
    Mondays we will focus on Weights and LEGS.
    Tuesdays and Thursdays will have a focus on cardio and endurance – lots of calorie burning happening on these days. (Our HIIT workouts at 530pm, with Olympic Lifting, will stay the same)
    Wednesday, we have another Weight day and the focus will be on Upper Body.
    Friday is our TOUGH MUDDER TRAINING (this day is still for everyone and can be modified to all fitness levels), but it will be fun and challenging all at the same time.
    Saturdays will have some foam rolling mobility and CORE with a bit of cardio, of course, so you still get a good sweat!

    Members of Total FX Fitness – this will be your September programming. If your new and want to register, please email [email protected] for more details on registration.


    Stephanie Roberts
    Head Coach – Trainer

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