• TOTAL FX FITNESS – Reopening PHASE 1 Details

    We can’t wait to welcome you back into Total FX Fitness gym in what we are anticipating to be in the not-so-distant future.

    As much as we would like to resume TFX as usual, we are very prepared to make changes as is required.  So we are working at getting your gym ready to reopen and wanted to keep you up to date on our progress.  

    For 10 years our focus has been on providing an exceptional Member experience with safety and cleanliness always at the forefront.  We plan to continue with our commitment to a safe approach to reopening and operating Total FX Fitness going forward.

    The following are our plans for PHASE 1 of our re-opening. Of course, this cannot take place until the state of emergency is lifted and we are given the go-ahead, but I would like you to know our plans once this happens.

    PHASE 1

    • Train in place protocol
    • Workouts 45mins to allow for 10 – 15min disinfecting etc.
    • Limited Class Sizes
    • Possible Outdoor workouts
    • NO change room usage
    • Nightly gym sanitation
    • Members in the gym only

    Preparing for your workout:

    1. You must sign up for your workouts
    2. There will be a 12 hr cancellation policy in place (unless you have symptoms develop)
    3. Bring with you:
    • Large water bottle (filing station will not be available in Phase 1)
    • Small sweat towel
    • Yoga mat

    Entering the gym:

    1. The front door will be locked until the gym is ready for the next group to come in.
    2. Prior to entering the gym, your trainer will check you into your session, provide a chance to wash/or sanitize hands, and direct you to your workout Zone.
    3. Please bring all of your gym gear and personal belongings to your workout Zone.
    4. You must arrive 10mins before your workout time so all of the above can be done and you are ready to begin.

    Train In Place Protocol:

    • Your workout station will be cleaned and ready for you
    • You are more than welcome to clean anything you would like prior to the workout with the cleaning solution provided
    • Please remain in your workout station the entire workout
    • All equipment needed will be pre-staged for you
    • Should you need any equipment or exercise modifications, inform the trainer so adjustments can be made
    • If you need to use the washroom during your workout, please make sure you maintain physical distance while doing so. 

    Post Workout:

    • Once the workout is complete, wipe down your equipment, with the cleaning solution provided, before leaving your workout Zone
    • The door will be propped open for you to exit
    • Please abide by social distancing guidelines and do not congregate closely with fellow members in the parking lot or lobby.

    Stay Connected

    We will continue to update you with any new information so make sure to check our website and follow us on social media for updates.

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