• Total FX: Frequently Asked Questions

    Total FX: Frequently Asked Questions

    Before beginning any new endeavor, we all feel some apprehension. We spoke to our trainers and members to ask what are the most Frequently Asked Questions they are faced with.

    Q: I’m worried that I’m not in good enough shape to keep up with the other members.  Do you have to have a certain base level of fitness to join?

    A: Absolutely not. This is a really common misconception about Total FX Fitness and I think you’ll find that if you join, you’ll definitely see some fit people, but the average person is just that: an average person—who wants to get in shape. We start everyone with the basics and you gradually move up from there.

    Q: I’m a small female, will Lifting Weights and Total FX training make me bulk up?10646857_691497250942150_4295459324179858986_n

    A: No. This common misconception is usually rooted in a lack of knowledge regarding how weight training actually affects the body. What we can promise you is a fitter version of yourself.

    For many women, training is the first arena where their physical strength is admired and encouraged. As anyone who’s taken the time to get strong can attest, this process can be a profoundly transformative experience. I can’t tell you how many people, women especially, have joined the Total FX Fitness and fallen in love with growing stronger and more physically capable then they ever thought they could be. Strength is powerful stuff.

    TFX1Q: What makes it so different from all the other programs out there (bootcamps, P90X, gyms) that tells me it will get me in shape?

    A: The way we change up our workouts and combine them with knowledgeable eyes-on coaching, mobility and nutrition advice is NEW.   If you’re working out at home, you risk bad technique and probably not pushing your strength potential.  At an ordinary bootcamp, the workouts can become very repetitive, along with the exercises, there may be an issue certified coaching.  Gyms, may give you all the great equipment, but do they provide instruction on form and technique? Do they provide day to day encouragement? Is anyone talking to you about nutrition?  Simply stated:  our dose of exercise programming is the most potent out there.

    Q: So let’s say I sign up. What can I expect? How often should I go?

    A: Expect to start with an introductory program perhaps our FX Conditioning or FX BabeFit for new moms. Every workout is conducted by trained and qualified trainers who will scale the exercise for your ability. Total FX Fitness is a friendly and supportive, community environment where you’ll enjoy doing the work and seeing improvement. Our recommendation for the average person is to start off going 2-3 times/ week.

    Q: What education and certifications do the owner(s) and trainers hold?

    A: All of our trainers are certified CanFit Pro teachers. Each has specialized training in all of the equipment and exercises we do at Total FX. They are also knowledgeable in the injuries commonly tfx4found in adults that have prevented them from effective training in the past. We also have 2 nutrition and wellness specialists on staff to help with any questions about diet or health.

    Q:What can I expect after my first workout?

    A: You will most likely be very sore, but that should come as a wake up call rather than thinking that this training is too hard. If a person of the same age, weight and gender is able to handle a class at its highest intensity, then you should be able to handle a workout at a lower intensity with lower weights and reps.

    Q: Is the programming dynamic? Does it change? Can / Do the trainers talk with specificity about rhymes and reasons behind certain movements/skills and their inclusion in the cycle of programming?

    A: Day to day, week to week, you will NEVER do an identical workout at Total FX Fitness. Our trainers spend a great deal of time researching the best combination of exercises and techniques that will afford you the best results. Each trainer will explain the class exercises, demonstrate them and tell you which muscle groups are being worked. We are happy to explain every step of the workout to you and how it will help you with strength training, movement and mobility and your overall athletic growth. We are there to support you though every workout.

    Q:Is Total FX fitness right for me?

    A: Whether you are new to exercising, returning to exercising, or are a seasoned athlete, we will get you fitter, faster, and leaner. Read more about who is RIGHT for Total FX


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